Cyphoria enables individuals to come to the realization that technology poses a distraction to the natural environment around them. It depicts the false concept that the constant accessibility of social media enhances communication and relationships among people. It focuses on the reality that the use of digital media thrusts society into lives and cultures that lack a conscious awareness of the authenticity of everyday life experiences. Cyber world relationships and the overload of technological information available through the internet and social media silently robs on of the subtle moments which give life purpose and meaning.
My multimedia installation consists of a plaster casting of my body, juxtaposed with a projected video representation of the "now". When stepping up to the cast viewers look through their own eyes and are blinded by technology. It is only after walking around the casted wall impression that the present is reintroduced. Video projections such as an early morning sunrise or a family enjoying a simple meal around the table for dinner are displayed representing the "now" which is being obscurely taken away due to the overload of technological information.
plaster cast into wood and drywall, 8x4x1'