Caleb Sarvis is an eclectic American artist whose current work explores text and lettering within a painterly setting. Caleb was born in South Carolina where he received his BA in graphic design from Coastal Carolina University in 2015 as well as a secondary BA in studio art in 2017. Caleb currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC and continues to work on various projects in multiple mediums.
My artwork is a reflection of my surroundings and the various life experiences I have encountered in said surroundings. Through mindful living, I am able to acknowledge past and present happenings around me and creatively incorporate these events within my work. By integrating the visual communication of typographical spoken word with painting, I give the viewer the opportunity to reflect upon his or her own self and personal experiences gaining context from within. Using typography such as words, phrases, and prose, along with metaphorical imagery, each viewer is able to paint or create a distinct individual image within their mind based on the individual’s own life experiences.
Rather than paint a distinct image, I incorporate phrases and prose into my paintings in order to evoke certain occurrences and emotions from within the viewer. Although this typography may subtly hint towards the meaning of the work, I prefer each viewer to derive meaning from their own personal experiences and memories. By stimulating said memories, through the reading of each phrase or prose, I am able to provoke a different image in each individual’s mind in juxtapose with the original painting.